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Genuine, authentic and honest connection building.

Doing business the right way takes great care. Having the opportunity to learn and apply thoughtful and creative expertise for positive branding/design is something Embracing Whimsy greatly enjoys. We can package and produce just about anything in the small business world with our access to tools and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). 

What excites us is challenging the status quo. We take science plus business best case practice and combine it with marketing creativity to help raise the value bar and create genuine, positive impact-based relationships and interactions. Our goal is to stack wins for all; profit, planet and people.

We're Digitally Building:

  • Branding Design & Strategy + Execution

  • Inbound Marketing Strategy and Attraction (CTAs)

  • Design

  • Social Media

  • Content & Guerrilla (DIY is so FUN) Marketing 

  • Graphic Design (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign)

  • Illustration and Infographics

  • Web Development (Wordpress and SAAS systems) 

  • Platform installment for inbound, communication and analytics (Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce) 

  • Personal Branding

  • Public Relations & Advocacy

  • Sustainability Planning 

  • ...

We're Physically Building:

  • Treehouse Restoration

  • All-Ages Maker Space

  • Tool Library

  • Business Incubator

  • Healing Center

  • Clubhouse

  • Farm-to-Gazebo Table & Cob Oven Meeting Space

  • Community Center

  • Product Development

  • Functional Farm Natural/Metal Art

  • Upcycled Art and Furniture

  • Outdoor Integrated Classrooms

  • Custom Tiny Homes

  • Outdoor Garden Structures

  • Play Spaces

  •  ...

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