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Community Partners

Urban Farm Dreams + Holistic Community Sustainability

We've started a big journey of sustainability that truly is best when planted with companions. Permaculture principles applied, everything is more enjoyable with community and we're growing. Embracing Whimsy is about building bridges including those to connect community. Connecting the small business dots and enriching support and local co-existence and resilience is a part of the equation.

Supporting STEAM

We're passionate about functional, purposeful creations + knowing root causes, mechanics, fixes and different systems. When things are broken, we ask why, try to fix it, and when the opportunity exists improve it. When things are really broken, we find another useful, non-wasteful life for them. We're all about smart advancements in STEAM from a Permaculture foundation. We think waste is a design flaw and that there are no boundaries to where we can improve with the help of deeper applications of science, data and technology. 

From creating outdoor hand's on building workshops utilizing recycled clean or foraged materials to making maker spaces and tool library centers that can create Tiny Classroom on Wheels, Embracing Whimsy truly embraces all aspects of STEAM enrichment program and for all ages. We have big win-win-win impacting dreams. Follow our blog to see what projects we're up to and full STEAM ahead on. 

Come Together

We love communication and are rooted to serve our communities build sustainable. Send us a message if you want to come together.

Thanks! Message sent.

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