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What is Embracing Whimsy?

Embracing Whimsy was created October 2014, by Diana McGuire Rondel (Mother) and Jennie Rondel (daughter) to go after their urban farm and restoration dreams/passions together in an organized fashion. The goal was to create cleanly and kindly by embracing life's gifts and opportunities to create value, supporting sustainability and empowering right l(thri)ivelihood.

When sweet Diana Rondel passed in October 2015, Embracing Whimsy picked up the pieces of Diana's dreams and kind spirit and continued restoration, development and design. Creating impact-positive-change by going after and supporting dreams is embracing our whimsy. 


Based on lean, fail-fast-while-having-good-fun principles until the solution is found, Embracing Whimsy is created to give-back and help create positive win-win-win value. It's designed to act as an inspiration agent and advocate, catalyst, platform and foundation all-in-one.


As a social enterprise, portions of revenue proceeds go to support community as well as local random acts of kindness fixes and fun creations. 

Human Team

Jennie Rondel

Creative Director

Chief Everything Officer

Courtney Rondel

Graphics Designer/Illustrator,

Event Manager

Spirit Canine Team

Sweet Oyster

Chief Love Giver

Silly Bruiser

Master of the Universe

Cute & Funny Lola

Chief Poops-a-lot


Redmond Treehouse

Redmond, WA 98052

Integrated Maker-Incubator-Space for Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture-Architecture-Art, Mathematics, Trades and making happy memories. 

This integrated site hosts multiple natural ecosystems as well as the tools for projects to flourish. From experiments to launched business opportunities and tools-to-prototypes-to-product, the purpose of headquarters is to nurture, empower and provide growth opportunities. 

Site hosting opportunities to include conferences, workshops, offsite meetings, and events up to 50 people. Parking is limited and this site is focused on supporting local and encouraging participants to walk/bike/commute to join. It's good for your health and our environment so we don't have to cut down more trees to make parking lots. We will have a commuter van/bus to provide strategic pick-up's in the future as an option to help the flow of traffic.

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Looking forward to embracing more whimsy!

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