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Enrichment Services

Embracing Whimsy offers custom in-house, hand's-on-building programs and empowered installments for program/project enrichment services. 
In some cases, we partner locally with mentor talent for programs. We'll even look for ways to upcycle unused clean materials to reimagine goods into useful inventory to utilize for hand's on building projects. We're passionate about creative waste stream diversion tactics and building smarter while empowering our future do-good-ers. 

Enrichment Programs

From Montessori-to-Academy-to-Elementary schools, we partner to build in-house workshops and integrated outdoor classrooms including mobile solutions to help aid in STEAM community knowledge building and classroom expansion.


By partnering to build custom solutions we can tailor each enrichment opportunity to local materials and neighboring partnerships. We aim to help bridge the gap of expensive material costs and learning opportunities by integrating natural readily found materials to students and organizations by offering up upcycled creative ideas for educators and passionate science aficionados.  

Past Camp Fun

Classes + Camps

LEGO® material based  STEAM infused programs and experimental building camp. Campers learn hands on "low tech" construction exploring different innovations and builds using technic (axles, wheels, gears...) and basic tools like a mini screwdriver to connect pieces like the LEGO® tech pins while designing, building and playing!


Imaginations will soar in pursuit of a purposeful/functional creations for our useful toy design-to-keep-&-use week challenge. We’ll be “thinking outside the box” and building it by designing take-home bird houses, insect hotels/houses, or lending library houses designed by campers.

Stay Tuned for Dates + Schedules

Bricks 4 Kidz® SUMMER CAMPS 2021 @ Redmond MakerSpace!  


SUMMER Camps 2021 - Bus Outdoor Maker Space Redmond, WA was a blast! We look forward to expanding to day camps and more weeks to support our tiny builders in 2022!

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Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 9.39.21 AM.png

Outdoor + Play Time! 

We take great pride in getting fresh outside air time and each camp integrates an activity outside under supervision. 

Integrating science in the outdoors is a great passion of ours and love to integrate with nature as much as possible. 


We've put together our most frequently asked questions to help alleviate some of the wondering with camps. 


  1.   How are allergies handled?

Great question! Communication is key. First, we collect medical information before camp starts so we are prepared to support each kiddo. Secondly, we'll have a medical emergency kit prepared on-site at all times and full awareness of each child's needs before we go into camp with the proper tools with us. We also have trained CPR and First Aid personnel on site at all times.


  2.   Why play daily? 

Because kids need fresh air play, open space, games and more area with diverse opportunities to learn and enjoy! Can you imagine having a camp space daily to go to that's in nature, safe with trees and tiny libraries to sit and read?! Or take a nap under a tree?! This everyday, outdoor, integrated play-read-rest weekly themed camp integration is good for the kids and parents - we encourage you to come early to enjoy time in nature. 

  3.   This is my child's first camp, what can I expect? How does this work?

Wonderful! Thanks for joining us. Your child will have a blast. First of all, we custom our camp experience for each child. This way they are coached at an individual level and because we have a max 8:1 TEACHER:CHILD ratio, our attention is given holistically to a positive experience for the camper. We believe in positive reinforcement and through small projects, kids attain confidence along their camp way. This feeds a growth mindset which we love to see. They feel safe as the grounds are tailored for their experience to have safe play spaces in a fenced area. 

  4. us! Happy to answer any questions and add them to this list.

More questions?! Please contact us.

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