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Everything is better with friends!

While it's our ambition to help empower individuals and systems/ecosystems to self-sustain and thrive, we strive to connect dots, passions, humans and dreams. Making healthy community connections easier through place-play-making is a passion of ours - building a stronger, smarter, more fun neighborhood for tomorrow. 

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General Contractor

Help Build

We are making functional art. Seeking local, licensed General Contractors interested in community development, school-garden creation and restoration projects.

Illustration Artist

Let's Create

We just have to admit, we can't do it all even if we want to. That's why we are piecing together the parts to be successful together. We love building with friends.

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Project Manager

Make & Share

It's great that we can do useful stuff, but not being able to share that is a problem. Seeking digital storytellers and project managers to help spread the news. 

Come Work-Play With Us

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