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Dilettante Extraordinaire

Empowering Extraordinary Human Dilettantes
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Dilettante is a person who cultivates an area of interest, such as the arts, without real commitment or knowledge. 

Synonyms: dabbler, potterer, tinkerer, trifler, dallier

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Extraordinaire is outstanding or remarkable in a particular capacity.

We've created Dilettante Extraordinaire (DE) to solely focus on education and enrichment through hand's on building materials and tools. With Bricks4Kidz custom build curriculums that use LEGO materials, we learn building concepts and principles through hand's on play-learning. DE partners with Redmond/Bellevue/Kirkland schools and communities for enrichment services and programs.


Dilettante Extraordinaire's programs are built to empower tiny humans with real-life skills and abilities. Each kid enjoys a custom, non-competitive building adventure as they explore new tools, passions and capabilities through project building. We provide a safe and relaxed learning environment with different materials and tools where initiative is invited and empowered. Through specially designed projects, collaborated with local learning concepts and themes build upon STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Agriculture/Architecture and Math) principles, kids can create and gain real problem solving skills and abilities. We also gain an appreciation for how things work all the while having a really fun time.

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