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Summer Camps with Farmer Frog!

There's nothing we love more than making new friends and connections in a functional, good-for-us, play way! Play that enlightens, connects, helps us coordinate our life skills while providing smiles and laughs and new abilities, building positive memories and self-confidence.

Image: Farmer Frog Paradise Valley Farm and our Builder Bus with Outdoor covered space

We're also passionate about building integrated experiences and spaces. We're thrilled to partner with smart people in our neighborhoods and communities caring about integrating our ecosystems, like Farmer Frog Organization - in a space that enhances our curriculum while adding the health benefits of nature! Go science!

With our friends at Farmer Frog Organization and Computers and Math 4 Kids, we're partnering for Summer Camps, classes and workshops! By collaborating, we're taking the kids from indoor classrooms to the outdoor gardens and building integrated community spaces and school gardens. It's a field trip everyday for those leaving the Redmond CM4K space. For those able to have direct transportation to the farm, it's an opportunity for extra outdoor time for parents; time to take a hike, stretch, breath...connect with the farm and nature and gain a little extra time to balancing with nature.

Partnering with Farmer Frog allows us to layer lesson plans for a more dense and integrate more natural, outdoor skills into the curriculum.

Check out more information about camps below and at and

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