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Farmer Frog's Urban Farmstead

Urban Farmstead at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show!

There's nothing better than seeing some smart systems in place. Except for maybe when you can grab a glass of wine and really enjoy them on display at the Flower & Garden Show! It's amazing to see the aquaponic systems work and everything else Farmer Frog Organization added into this very realistic tiny farmstead for the display. Leaves and old bottles included! What a refreshing air of science and systems to nerd out over on display and available to walk through and enjoy created by Farmer Frog Organization. Farmer Frog cultivates programs, school gardens and hands-on learning to nurture communities. They believe that when children and families grow food for themselves, they sow the seeds of positive living. Plant on! We're onboard.

Embracing Whimsy was honored to collaborate on integrating and creating an all-ages appeal to the urban farm by making a little free library to help enhance community, knowledge and makes for a fun second food harvest shelf opportunity that promotes neighborhood sharing. All designs are one-of-a-kind, just like you. Send us a message if you want to kick one off in your neighborhood. :)

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