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Embracing Whimsy is Live!

We are live! Wow. It's taken too long really to finally launch this site and voice for Embracing Whimsy. It's so important for us to keep our voice authentic for what its intentions are and for what we are wanting to honor and do with this new business friend and catalyst of ours. Embracing Whimsy was designed to help heal and fix - from people to businesses. Subject Matter Experts (SME's) have been networked and the ground work has been done and it's finally go time to make dreams come true.

Embracing Whimsy (EW) has a wide range of services to offer and good impact it can provide. With design services and tools to offer including graphic design to welding, there's not much EW can't tackle and they look forward to working on community-focused projects and impact-based business. Operating with integrity and a high moral compass focused on high-quality happy results is what we deliver. We decided we're bringing 'home' to whatever we touch. It should give you that happy feeling and support and we're ready to make bigger impacts and so excited to be sharing!

So much more to come. Enjoy these photos of some our influences, passions and projects in action and stay tuned! Thanks for joining in on the ride.

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