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Cobbage available on Airbnb! All proceeds go to saving the farm.

Yep, it's true. The sweet Cobbage now plays a part in the Rondel families sustainability plan supporting the property. When it first started to be shared it was for sweet Momma Diana Rondel and helping her have additional income as it was her most beloved project.

Having the Cobbage has been a real blessing to share. It helped open hearts post tragedy as new visitors and friends experiences had to be maintained and nurtured the way Diana wanted and accomplished - that warm home feeling she always provided. No corner undone, linens pressed...the list is long and full of care. These high levels of expectations proved as a blessing for 5 star ratings and has brought new visions and enjoyment to the potential farmstead. We hope someday our visiting friends can even go outside and collect fresh eggs in the morning or whatever is in season from the garden/greenhouse.

Help us share the space and keep it occupied to help in the fight for sustainability and a stronger foundation and future for the farmstead and homes:

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