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Julie Haun: Stone/Tile Art on Display

Julie Haun, is a talented stone and tile mason and cutter extraordinaire repurposing leftover pieces of tile and stone of different colors and combining with mediums and shapes to repurpose into a captivating visual story of art. One that you can take a custom piece home with your today by stopping by Garden Essentia (located at 20152 Ballinger Way NE, Shoreline, WA 98155) this week.

Having a talent that creates something out of nothing or reimagines purposeless pieces into functional pieces of art and beauty is a true gift. We’d personally love to see more creations like Julie’s that take extra pieces of stone and tile waste and turn them into upcycled visual storytelling masterpieces!

Julie’s art is a combination of pacific northwest natural scape and animal beauty with diverse cuts for portrait works and colorful shaped whimsy designs. Julie also constructs wood frames for her stone and tile art adding a third dimension, shape and additional natural medium and element to the piece. She often combines metal with her welding creativity for outdoor art installations and outside of creating beautiful, captivating pieces of stone and tile and wood art she custom creates in-home pieces for fireplaces, special floor tile art and kitchen upgrades and open to exploring new creations. She’s a craftswoman at her core and talented by multiple means and tools! Our hats and gloves are off to you Julie! Keep up the great creative repurposing work.

Check out Julie's work at Garden Essentia on display until November. Take a piece home with you for yourself, get a head start on holiday shopping and get in touch with her for an in-home custom project if you've had that stone/tile custom masonry project in your head like we have. Keep up the awesome work Julie!

Let’s together support our local makers, craftshumans and artisans by shopping and decorating locally by means of local materials and talents. Not only does it help our economy thrive but we save on gas/packaging/etc. and the earth appreciates that - go sustainability and local talents!

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