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Momma D’s Green Smoothie Recipe

It came with many trials and tribulations - we're talking not pulverized enough greens or too many greens that took a nasty spicy smoothie taste turn. After months of experimenting and investing a bit in ingredients and proper materials, we finally got our "go to" recipe down pat. 

My sweet, poor mom was struggling with me through my new recipes and crappy blenders. We were working out nutritious smoothie recipes for her while she was fighting cancer and it was a nutrition crash course for the whole family. Eventually I got to level Vitamix (having gone from cheap blender to ninja and bullet) and finally the texture and blend was to the level of enjoyable drinkability. With a few nutritionally packed tweaks and flavor balances, we finally had our green smoothie recipe that we could enjoy together, allowed us to purchased goods in bulk to help us save a bit, and we liked the taste. We've been changing up the milks, adding coconut and oat here and there but always organic. The key is the frozen mango + pineapple and banana to sweeten the big greens. We haven't stopped drinking it in our smoothie rotations.

Enjoy Momma D’s Green Smoothie Recipe! We miss her greatly and will forever be carrying and sharing her love.


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